Meet Drip, the 10 to 1 PR Office Pet

10 to 1 PR has a new team member: Drip the Beta Fish. Drip has become the beloved office pet, greeting our in-office team members every morning, blowing bubbles in support of our work, and offering general encouragement. 

Drip’s Origin Story 

Earlier this year, some 10 to 1 PR team members met to brainstorm ideas for April Fool’s Day. The group landed on the idea of surprising 10 to 1 PR President Josh with an easy-to-care-for office pet. Our resident fish enthusiast, Madeleine, secured the fish and the team surprised Josh for what was dubbed ‘April Fish Day.’ 

Get to Know Drip 

Curious about our fishy friend? Here’s a bit more about Drip: 

Where does the name Drip come from? 

Drip was named for the 10 to 1 PR philosophy that our regular PR wins for our clients are like drips out of a faucet that contribute to a client’s positive brand reputation–slowly but surely, each drip accumulates to an overflowing bowl of water. 

Where is Drip’s office? 

Drip has his very own desk and works amongst one of our office’s trophy display cases, where he has a great view of the entire office. He is very curious about all of the colors and reflections he sees. 

What kind of computer does Drip use? 

While the rest of the 10 to 1 PR team uses PCs, Drip has his very own Mac computer. 

What kind of work does Drip specialize in? 

Drip is a very productive member of the team, blowing an inordinate amount of bubbles every day. The bubbles collect at the top of his bowl, indicating he is pleased with his work. 

Drip’s Next Adventure

What’s next for Drip? We’ll share a progress report on Drip and his contributions to the 10 to 1 PR team at a later date. Stay tuned!