Crisis Communication Management.

Are you prepared?

10 to 1 Public Relations offers award-winning Crisis Communication Management services that have protected and repaired the hard-earned reputation of a diverse group of clientele. Many organizations have discovered that facing a PR crisis was never a matter of if, it was a question of when. At 10 to 1 Public Relations, we believe that preparedness is more effective than any knee-jerk response. That’s why our Crisis Communication Management services are in place to protect your reputation before, during, and after a crisis.

Before a Crisis.

We provide you with a proactive Media Emergency Playbook with talking points and strategies that allow you to quickly and effectively communicate during crisis moments. Developed from potential or worst-case scenarios, this playbook includes a crisis handling process that allows your organization to quickly address a situation, protect customers, employees, and more. By being proactive and knowing what to say before a crisis happens, you can more effectively overcome most unforeseen challenges.

During a Crisis.

When a problem strikes, a quick and effective plan is essential to reduce a story’s impact to your company’s reputation and image. We can quickly help you:

  • Simplify and clarify your message
  • Coordinate internal communications to your team and employees
  • Communicate with impacted customers and business partners
  • Respond to and work with reporters to ensure the story is being told in the best light possible

If you’ve already worked with us to create processes and a “Media Emergency Playbook,” we’ll help you implement the pre-approved plan. If you don’t already have a crisis plan, we’ll guide you through it providing clear and direct advice. We’ll also be with you every step of the way, offering counsel and confidence in your next moves.

Sometimes it’s not practical or desirable to have a member of your company serve as a spokesperson during a crisis. That’s when a 10 to 1 Public Relations professional can serve as your spokesperson. We believe that company leaders need to be on record as the good person – not the bad. We’ll take the hits for you, answer the tough questions or apologize while you explain how the issue was fixed and what you’re doing to make sure a similar issue doesn’t occur again. We also assist in the creation of any speeches or press releases and serve as your media interview chaperone to protect your company and leaders if an interviewer gets too aggressive or goes off-topic.

While the media tends to get the lion’s share of attention in a crisis, we know that communicating with employees and impacted customers is just as important. We’ll be with you every step of the way to make sure these audiences know what’s happening, what they need to do, and what to expect.

If you are caught unprepared and don’t already have a crisis process in place or a Media Emergency Playbook, call us right away and we’ll guide you through the process.

After a Crisis.

After the immediate impact of the crisis and bad press subsides, companies need to rebuild and restore their positive image and reputation. It won’t be easy and it will take time to regain trust and confidence, but 10 to 1 Public Relations is prepared with proven strategies that are immediately ready to employ.

What story do you want told?