Media Relations.

Dominating Industry and Local Market Media.

At 10 to 1 Public Relations, we leverage our media connections to tell engaging stories defined by our clients’ communication goals. The power of our storytelling, our ability to capture attention, and our inside track with the people responsible for publishing news and features allows you to dominate your industry and local market.

With our decades of experience and knowledge in media relations, 10 to 1 knows what it takes to catch the eye of the media.

Getting Media to Notice You.

At 10 to 1, each one of our clients’ media channels are unique and determined by their individual goal, target audience, and industry. Defined media can consist of thousands of magazine publications, newspapers, TV, broadcast radio, blogs, podcasts, social media outlets, and much more. Today’s media channels are bombarded by businesses looking for their attention and are often difficult to reach.

Targeting the Right Media Channels.

Our outreach to the media goes far beyond simply writing and distributing a press release. We’re constantly pitching interviews directly to reporters and influencers, submitting articles, and promoting thought leadership expertise. We study the story opportunities you share with us to amplify and multiply their newsworthiness, and are constantly suggesting new story angles and ideas to maximize coverage opportunities.

Media Outreach Segmentation

Local Market Media
  • Local TV and Radio News
  • Daily Newspapers and News Sites
  • Weekly Business and Community Papers
  • Hyper-Local News Websites
Industry Based Media
  • B2B Publications
  • Subject Matter Focused Media Outlets
  • Association Magazines and Newsletters
  • Industry Specific News Sources
National Media
  • General Business-Focused Outlets
  • National Magazines
  • Mainstream Media
  • Cable/Syndicated TV and Radio
Digital Media
  • Online Directories
  • Industry Specific Blogs
  • Influences and Creators
  • Podcasts

What story do you want told?