Celebrating Women’s History Month by Honoring the Women Who Made Us (AKA Our Moms)

To celebrate Women’s History Month our team members each took a few minutes to write a summary describing women who inspire them in their daily lives and why. The survey results showed that every team member found inspiration from their mom. Moms influence people’s daily lives, and it’s the women of our family histories who ultimately helped shape our futures.

Drawing inspiration from mothers has a direct correlation to Women’s History Month, as it is an acknowledgment of the influence that women have on each other and how that influence is carried through generations. Below are some of our team member’s brief explanations as to why their mom inspires them and why they look to their mothers as role models. 

Madeleine Williamson

My mom is my biggest role model. One of the greatest lessons she taught me is how to set goals and how to work to accomplish them. Watching her determination to try new things and challenge herself with new adventures has always inspired and motivated me to pursue my own goals. Currently, she is helping me train for my first marathon and is so supportive that she decided that she will train too and run it with me. 

Lauren Dietrick

Two women in my life who inspire me are my mom and my sister. Their compassion, strength, and positivity inspire me to show up as the best version of myself. They are the first people I call when I need anything, from advice on adulting to unpacking the latest episodes of the shows we are watching.

Jamie Killin

My mom is my greatest role model – she is a semi-retired aeronautical engineer who grew in her career during the 1980s and 1990s when there were few female engineers, and continued to excel in her career even while balancing the demands of being a wife and mother. Not only is she skilled in her trade, she was a great manager and is the first person I go to when I need advice on how to be a better leader. Most importantly, she is a loving wife, a generous friend, a caretaker for her aunt, and a great Mom who’s never too busy to help me prune my roses, figure out my taxes or talk wedding planning. I just wish I would have inherited her math skills!

Rachael Clifford

A role model in my life is my mom. She is a hard worker who cares deeply for her family. She inspires me to practice empathy toward others and has helped me better understand the importance of fostering a positive environment and supporting those around me.