10 to 1 Public Relations Recognized as Agency of the Year

This time of year usually has our team busy, submitting dozens of award nominations for clients. Awards can help boost an organization’s reputation with third-party credibility and our team nominates clients in various local, industry, and national awards. 

Seeing the value for our clients, we also apply for several awards for ourselves.

Our team is proud to share that 10 to 1 Public Relations was recognized with three Titan awards. The first recognizes 10 to 1 PR as PR Agency of the Year. The second two awards recognize 10 to 1 Public Relations’ expertise in public relations campaigns. 

As a firm focused on creating the highest caliber PR campaigns and results for our clients, it’s especially rewarding when independent third-party organizations recognize our strategy creation and implementation efforts as among the best they’ve seen compared to our industry peers.

Josh Weiss President and Founder of 10 to 1 PR

According to the awards organization:

TITAN Business Awards’ mission is to acknowledge the achievements of both entrepreneurs and organizations worldwide, the award aims to provide recognition for all who are over-shadowed, as well as established, organizations around the world.

Here’s a recap of the winning campaigns that were recognized:  

Gold Winner: “10 to 1 PR for Agency of the Year” – PR & Communications – PR Agency of the Year

For more than a decade, 10 to 1 Public Relations has offered public relations services that are targeted, compelling, and achieve clients’ goals. In today’s flood of non-stop communications across a multitude of channels, it’s tough to get noticed – much less get results. In 2023 our team secured more than 9000 stories for clients. At 10 to 1 Public Relations, our creative plans and messages are distinctive and memorable. We develop original, highly relevant approaches to storytelling that break through the noise and grab the attention of media outlets, and, more importantly, our clients’ target audiences. We believe it’s much more beneficial for a company to dominate industry and local media coverage with multiple different story placements over time rather than solely focusing on a placement in a well-known mainstream media outlet. Like drips out of a faucet, we can collect the water and utilize it however chosen to create the greatest benefit. The more water collected steadily over time, the bigger the impact.

Gold Winner: “Garnering attention for semiconductor company expansion” – PR & Communications – Technology / Science

A global semiconductor equipment supplier, ASM, was planning a new North American headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, due to the growth the industry has experienced. The global semiconductor industry is expected to double to $1 trillion by 2030, with U.S. semiconductor revenue amounting to $75 billion in 2022 alone. ASM is not as large as some of the ‘household names’ in the semiconductor industry, like Intel, and so they wanted to be better known within the industry and draw attention to their North American HQ expansion. Our team developed a public relations campaign to share this news with local, national, and industry media. Our team generated over 100 Arizona and United States media features for the announcement and had over a dozen reporters show up on the site of the event. Major top-tier national features include Reuters, Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal. National industry features include Semiconductor Digest, Computer World, Silicon Semiconductor Magazine, Semiconductor Engineering, Tech Switch and others.

Gold Winner: “Bolstering the reputation of a career in construction” – PR & Communications – Construction

10 to 1 PR provides traditional public relations services to boost brand awareness for the nation’s largest employee-owned electrical contractor, Rosendin. The construction company is known for building large-scale commercial projects including SoFi Stadium, The Westin Anaheim, data centers for top tech giants, educational facilities, hospitals, and some of the biggest renewable energy facilities in the country. Our team set out in 2023 to position Rosendin as an industry leader that offered career opportunities in a technology-forward company that valued safety. We reshaped the narrative around construction career opportunities by focusing on the individuals who come together for shared success, targeting young people and their parents to change their perception of the industry.