Kids love Halloween because they get to dress up and collect candy.  Adults love it because they get to act like kids.  Don’t be scared to seize this once a year opportunity for your company to be creative and develop some great visuals for the media.

Identifying a media friendly visual opportunity for Halloween is probably easier than you’d expect.

Step one is to pick a visual that immediately identifies your company and your core business.  A great example would be a physical ambulance for an EMS/ambulance company or a Fire Department.

Step two is to tie that visual into Halloween.  No, showing kids and the media blood and guts inside the ambulance is not what I’d suggest.  Instead, how about making a costume for the actual ambulance?  Envision a bed sheet or two covering the front of the ambulance from the top lights down with cut-out eyes as if it’s a ghost or jack-o-lantern?  You could show it off to media at a press conference where you can educate the public about Halloween safety and why it’s important that kids wear reflective clothing that is fire resistant.

Another inexpensive idea would be to buy some bags of candy, and position the ambulance in a residential neighborhood the night of Halloween as kids are walking to houses.  The ambulance crew can hand out candy as the kids walk by and offer tours of the inside of ambulance.   Media can be advised in advance of where the ambulance crews will be handing out candy.  It’s possible that some media may even come out to the neighborhood as part of their Halloween coverage.

Be sure to take pictures on your own to post to social media sites and to send to community newspapers with a recommended caption.  Email pictures to us here at 10 to 1 Public Relations as well– we’d love to see them!

Need additional ideas for your company?  Just let us know!  Together, we’ll come up with some scary great visuals that media and the public will love!