10 to 1 PR is Thankful For…

10 to 1 PR is Thankful For…

To celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, members of the 10 to 1 Public Relations team respond to the question, ‘What are you thankful for this year?’

I’m grateful for the personal life achievements and collective health of my family, as well as my work family! Even with all the challenges related to the pandemic, we continue to thrive and support each other in our efforts! Oh, and I’m also thankful for coffee.

Josh Weiss, President

I am thankful for my family who have supported me through this past year as I finished up my bachelor’s degree and started my career with 10to1!

Mackenzie Nintzel, PR Coordinator
Mayra, Mackenzie, and Rachael at the 10 to 1 PR office

I am thankful for all the individuals on our wonderful team at 10 to 1 PR who bring positive and creative ideas every day to help one another so we can be our very best for all our clients.

Laura Slawny, PR Director

This year I’m thankful for my good health, joining an amazing PR team, and being able to see my loved ones in person for Thanksgiving.

Michelle Bolden, PR Coordinator

I’m thankful for my family’s/my sister Aimee’s dog named Marla. She keeps me company on my work from home days and she gives me an excuse to go on a walk.

Rachael Clifford, PR Executive
Marla the Dog

I am so thankful for the incredible year I’ve had. I got to travel to new places, landed my dream job, and made special memories with my family and friends.

Mayra Vasquez-Chavez, PR Coordinator

I am thankful for my children and husband, who put a smile on my face everyday. I am also thankful that I was finally able to visit my parents and siblings this year.

Joanne Sgro-Killworth, SR. PR Executive

I moved to Arizona this year and I am very thankful to everyone who supported me and made me feel welcome. I am grateful for a healthy work environment, great team, wonderful clients, and the super nice journalists who make me want to do better professionally, every day. From the best bunch of PR nerds – Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Smriti Shakargaye, PR Executive

I am thankful for my health, the health of my family and friends, and for my sister’s Thanksgiving mashed potatoes.

Erica Fetherston, PR & Ops Manager