Havenpark Communities

Havenpark Communities.

About Havenpark Communities.

Havenpark Communities is focused on securing and improving manufactured home communities to preserve long term affordable housing for its residents. Havenpark owns and manages a number of manufactured home communities across the country, continually investing in these communities to offer excellent amenities as well as a safe and affordable place to live.

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Our Goals.

  • Prepare for and address potential crisis scenarios.
  • Respond to inquiries from elected officials.
  • Build reputation for company’s community support in local markets.

What We Did.

10 to 1 Public Relations worked with Havenpark Communities to address and respond to several urgent crisis scenarios. In some instances, 10 to 1 PR drafted language to respond directly to elected officials’ concerns. Through these efforts, 10 to 1 PR was successful in demonstrating Havenpark’s side of the story and shifting the tone of some media stories to be more balanced for the company. 

10 to 1 PR also worked with different communities that Havenpark managed across the country to announce new community improvements and events to generate positive stories for the company and those communities.

10 to 1 PR developed an extensive media training curriculum to present to Havenpark community managers to establish policies and structure should they encounter any potential crisis scenarios. 

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