10 to 1 PR to Host Ribbon Cutting and 10th Anniversary Celebration

10 to 1 PR to Host Ribbon Cutting and 10th Anniversary Celebration

Join 10 to 1 Public Relations on October 12 as we celebrate our 10th Anniversary and hold a ribbon cutting for our new office!

Celebrate with us all day, or join us when you can. Our agenda:

11:30 AM – 1:30 PM: Ribbon Cutting & Light Lunch

The Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce will help coordinate a short ribbon-cutting ceremony at 11:45 AM and we’ll have a light lunch available.

1:30 PM – 4:30 PM: Open House

Stop by anytime to enjoy a personal tour of 10 to 1 PR’s new office.

4:30 PM – 7:30 PM Happy Hour

Enjoy beverages and light snacks to celebrate 10 to 1 PR’s 10th Anniversary. A short toast will occur at 5:45 to celebrate the milestone.

So that we can plan accordingly (translation: make sure there’s enough food and beverages), please register and select one, or multiple, times.

Thank you for all your encouragement and support over the years. We’d be thrilled if you stopped by to help us celebrate these milestones.

City of Scottsdale Proclamation Makes October 1 (10/1/22) 10 to 1 Public Relations Day

City of Scottsdale Proclamation Makes October 1 (10/1/22) 10 to 1 Public Relations Day

Proclamation Honors 10 to 1 PR’s 10th Anniversary

Scottsdale, Arizona (September 29, 2022) – Scottsdale-based strategic communications firm 10 to 1 Public Relations was honored to learn that City of Scottsdale Mayor David Ortega signed a proclamation naming October 1, 2022 (10/1/22) as 10 to 1 Public Relations Day. The recognition comes as 10 to 1 Public Relations celebrates its 10th anniversary.

10 to 1 PR President and Founder Josh Weiss in the company’s Scottsdale office

“While 10 to 1 Public Relations represents companies across the U.S. and the world, we’ve always proudly called Scottsdale our home,” said Josh Weiss, President and Founder of 10 to 1 Public Relations. “For Mayor Ortega and the City to recognize our 10th anniversary with this proclamation means a lot as it recognizes not only our growth but also our commitment to our community.”

Founded in Scottsdale in 2012, 10 to 1 Public Relations has grown from a solo practice to a team of a dozen full-time employees. The company recently moved into its fourth Scottsdale office, necessitated by the company’s continued growth, even through the duration of the coronavirus pandemic.  

10 to 1 Public Relations has won various awards in recent years including several PR Agency of the Year awards from International, national and local organizations. It is the 2021 winner of the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Ethics, and the 2019 honoree for the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce’s Sterling Award. Clients include Intel, Rosendin, Plexus Worldwide, FirstBank, Runbeck Election Services, SFE, Risas Dental and Braces, Worzalla, Air Pros USA, and others. 

Text of Proclamation: 

Whereas 10 to 1 Public Relations was proudly founded in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2012 and is now celebrating its 10th anniversary; and 

Whereas 10 to 1 Public Relations’ founder and several of its staff have been active participants in Scottsdale commissions, board and organizations including the Scottsdale Transportation Commission, Scottsdale Leadership, the Greater Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, the Scottsdale Railroad and Mechanical Society benefiting Scottsdale’s award-winning McCormick Stillman Railroad Park, Partners for Paiute Neighborhood Center and more; and 

Whereas 10 to 1 Public Relations has successfully encouraged several of its locally based clients to become active participants in Scottsdale organizations and charitable causes; and

Whereas 10 to 1 Public Relations has earned numerous international, national, statewide and local awards including as PR Agency of the Year, the Scottsdale Chamber Sterling Award in 2019 and the Better Business Bureau’s 2021 Torch Award for Ethics; and

Whereas the City of Scottsdale recognizes the contributions and civic pride that 10 to 1 Public Relations has in this community, 

Now, Therefore, I, David Ortega, Mayor of the City of Scottsdale, Arizona, do hereby proclaim October 1, 2022, as 10 to 1 Public Relations Day

About 10 to 1 Public Relations

For nearly a decade 10 to 1 Public Relations (10 to 1 PR) has been offering public relations services that are targeted, compelling, and achieve our clients’ goals. 10 to 1 PR’s creative plans and messages are distinctive and memorable with original, highly relevant approaches to storytelling that break through the noise and grab the attention of media outlets and target audiences. 10 to 1 PR offers a variety of services including media relations, product launches, crisis communication management, awards submissions, trade show media, and more. Learn more about 10 to 1 PR’s extensive services and success stories at 10to1pr.com.


Lessons from Vin Scully, the Greatest Storyteller

Lessons from Vin Scully, the Greatest Storyteller

Written by Tristan Chavez, PR Coordinator, 10 to 1 Public Relations

Public relations is storytelling. Sure, there are technical definitions that capture everything that public relations (PR) is – but at its core, PR is just telling stories about companies and their people. Storytelling is an art. Good storytellers can elicit the imagination of their listeners, inspire others to make a positive change, and can shape the way people interpret the world. There is a powerful influence that good storytellers hold, and no one was more influential in his craft than Vin Scully.

Vin’s Legacy in Baseball

Vin Scully was a long-time sports broadcaster, most known for his 67 years of calling Los Angeles Dodgers baseball games dating back to 1950. Vin had a way of calling games that brought baseball to a different level. Watching the Dodgers wasn’t as simple as just watching a baseball game. When Vin was in the booth, he was in the game and in the moment. It was a shared experience between him and the fans. Not many people get to experience what it’s like to play in Major League Baseball, but Vin had a special talent that brought fans into the game.

Over his long, hall-of-fame career, Vin had a plethora of legendary calls. On plays that would already be engraved into baseball history, Vin could take that moment and make it iconic. His use of metaphors and puns, the way his words would flow, and his ability to tell a story entangled within the game combined with a strategic use of silence that would allow fans to feel the excitement of the crowd made some of the best moments in baseball history.

From the impossible game 1 walk-off in the 1988 World Series to Hank Aaron’s 715th record-breaking homerun to Clayton Kershaw’s no-hitter in 2014, Scully was a master at capturing the moment and translating it into words for fans to enjoy. Now, as a New York Mets fan, I grew especially fond of his “Behind the Bag” call that ended game 6 of the 1986 World Series (a call that would be engraved into the history of a franchise Scully wasn’t even a part of, and is still adored by fans more than 35 years after the call was made).

Vin’s Impact on My Life

I grew up in southern California, in a classic Dodgers, Lakers, and Raiders fan house. Hearing Vin Scully call baseball games was almost part of our daily routine. Without even realizing it, Vin would play a part in what I would aspire to be and make an impact on how I write stories in my career.

I knew early on that I wanted to be a professional communicator. Although, I spent a long time trying to figure out how exactly I would fit into the communications world. Of course, I would eventually find myself in organizational communications and public relations, I did consider broadcasting and journalism in hopes to tell stories the way Vin did. After listening to him call games day after day, I was able to pick up on some things that I hope to use in my professional career.

What Communicators Can Learn from Vin

There is a lesson that public relations professionals (PR Pros), and anyone who writes for that matter, can learn from Vin Scully. In the same way that he spoke in the booth, writers can share experiences, not just stories, with their readers. PR Pros can show empathy in their writing, connecting with their audience rather than just giving them information.

Of course, everyone remembers the iconic calls Scully had in his long career, but it was his ability to take an otherwise boring game on a random day and turn it into something worth watching that made him special. Likewise, PR Pros can take an everyday story and turn it into something exceptional. Consider different angles in your stories and how they might fit in with relevant topics. Be creative and think about how a regular news release might have a fun twist to it.

There will never be another Vin Scully. His impact on baseball and its community will live on forever. His storytelling was unmatched and his way of bringing fans into the game was indescribable.

There may never be another Vin Scully, but the next great storyteller might just come from the lessons he left us.

Honorable Mentions

There are too many iconic Vin Scully calls to include them all in an article. There are plenty of articles that cover Scully’s calls of some of baseball’s greatest plays, although none of them cover some of his best stories told throughout games. Here are some of my favorites.

Truth: I Wasn’t Expecting This.

Truth: I Wasn’t Expecting This.

by Mayra Vasquez Chavez, PR Executive at 10 to 1 PR

Let’s play a quick game of two truths and a lie:

  • I was the first person in my family to go to college
  • I have been in the same room as First Lady of the United States, Dr. Jill Biden
  • I helped secure over 50 local broadcast and print features for one announcement in under 48 hours

Could you guess the lie? I’m sure you’ll get it by the end of your reading.

Since joining 10 to 1 PR just over one year ago, I’ve gotten to support or lead campaigns that make a positive impact on our clients across the country. Seeing the results has always been my favorite part of the job. I knew it was going to be no different when Intel and Maricopa County Community Colleges District partnered together to build a skilled, diverse workforce through their new semiconductor manufacturing Quick Start program at Mesa Community College. Through the accelerated program, students are prepared with important career-ready skills in two weeks.

I felt especially connected to this project because I’ve experienced the benefits of community college firsthand. When I was in first grade, I got to see my older sister walk across the stage and get her diploma. She was the first person in my family to earn a bachelor’s degree because community college made it possible for her to get there. I even sacrificed my summers during high school to take classes at Chandler Gilbert Community College and earn credit through a scholarship program so it would also be possible for me to earn my bachelor’s degree. Community colleges deserve more credit (no pun intended) for their affordability and accessibility.

During our previous meetings it was decided that the press release announcing the program would be ready for distribution in late March. But suddenly late Friday afternoon, we learned the process had to be rushed through because an extremely special guest came into the mix. Here’s a hint: She’s the most famous community college professor and married to the President of the United States of America.

Although I always feel confident in my talent and writing skills, I would be lying if I said I was not absolutely terrified of sharing my draft with Intel and MCCCD which would also be reviewed by the press team at the White House. 

Before the White House sent their formal invitation to media later in the night, I was tasked with calling every station in Arizona and highly recommending that they should set aside a crew for Monday afternoon for an event they would not want to miss… without revealing exactly what or who that was. Saturday was filled with editing the release and getting closer to a final version to be distributed on Monday after the event. I also got to attend a meeting working through the logistics on Sunday. Because of the late weekend notice, I called stations again Sunday morning to ensure they did not miss this incredible opportunity. I also worked closely with other PR teams to assist with media who wanted to RSVP after the deadline or did not receive the information they need to get to attend. 

When the day of the event finally arrived, I was tasked with helping check in media and continue editing the draft. Finally, after numerous versions we had our finished product hours before the distribution was set to happen. Lastly, I got to witness Jill Biden’s empowering speech and hear Intel’s Quick Start program be announced to the world live before finally distributing the release and images moments after.

If you told me a year ago that I would write a press release for one of the biggest companies in the world, I would not believe you. If you told me a year ago that I would be in the same room as the First Lady of the United States promoting her involvement at a media event I helped coordinate, I would also not believe you. But after March 7th, I can now say that both statements are indeed true and the experience was incredible.

And now I have a fun ice breaker at parties!

A Passion for Storytelling: Michelle Bolden of 10 to 1 PR

A Passion for Storytelling: Michelle Bolden of 10 to 1 PR

In this series, we flip the script and put 10 to 1 PR team members in the interview seat. Get to know Michelle Bolden, PR Coordinator at 10 to 1 PR:

Tell us a little about yourself.

I recently graduated from Arizona State University with my BA in Communication. Creative expression is my safe space so naturally I’ve always loved writing and storytelling. Some of my passions are music, health and wellness, and trying new things.

What song would you sing during karaoke?

Emotions by Mariah Carey

What is your favorite way to spend a day off?

I’m a self care enthusiast so I would say doing activities that make me feel happy and recharged like practicing yoga, spending time in nature, reading, and listening to music.

Describe yourself in 5 words.

Bubbly, determined, caring, detail-oriented, imaginative.

If you had a superpower, what would it be and why?

I would like to have the ability to teleport. That way I could skip the traffic to work and go to Paris for my lunch break.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Slow down and savor all the tiny moments because they make up some of the best parts of your life.

Connect with Michelle on LinkedIn or [email protected].

Staff Goals for 2022…

Staff Goals for 2022…

With 2021 coming to a close, members of the 10 to 1 Public Relations team respond to the question, ‘What are some personal and professional goals or wishes for 2022?’

Professionally, I want to take better advantage of the opporutnity I’ve been given to write columns for Entrepreneur Magazine. While I submitted several in 2021, I’d love to get ahead and write even more in 2022. Personally, I’d love to get back into the habit of playing my guitar more regularly. I’ve been playing since I was ten, and while I never have been particularly good- I always enjoy strumming a few cords.

Josh Weiss, President

Professionally I hope to continue to forge great bonds with my coworkers! Personally, I hope to find more time for drawing so that I can improve my skills.

Mackenzie Nintzel, PR Coordinator
Joanne and Smriti in the office

Professional wish: I would like to put more effort into keeping up with the news. So much is changing daily in Arizona’s business landscape that new opportunties can be found every day. Personal wish: I’d like to spend more time outside. We live in a beautiful region that can be enjoyed all year long and I aim to take better advantage of the weather.

Laura Slawny, PR Director

Professionally to attend more career development events and opportunities to learn more about my clients’ industries. Personally my wish is to read for fun!

Rachael Clifford, PR Executive
Eirca, Josh and Mackenzie hold some recent awards earned in 2021

Professionally I want to continue learning and indentifying new, creative story angles. There are so many ways to tell a story and I want to be able to explore all the possibilities for our clients. Personally, I want to continue letting my family and friends know how lucky I am o have them in my life, but also to make more big life changes on my own like finishing paying off my car, move into my own place, and travel more (and also to hang my clothes/put laundry away immediately!).

Mayra Vasquez-Chavez, PR Coordinator

Knitting it All Together: Rachael Clifford of 10 to 1 PR

Knitting it All Together: Rachael Clifford of 10 to 1 PR

In this series, we flip the script and put 10 to 1 PR team members in the interview seat. Get to know Rachael Clifford, PR Executive at 10 to 1 PR:

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Rachael, and I’m a PR Executive at 10 to 1 PR. I’m curious and enjoy learning what makes others unique, two qualities I think make me well-suited for a career in PR. I graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in Strategic Communications, PR and Advertising. Before I joined 10 to 1, I interned and worked at various nonprofits in many marketing roles, but I always found myself most at home in a PR function. I like the variety of team members, clients, and industries I get to work with at 10 to 1. Every day is a new day!

Rachael (center) with some 10 to 1 PR team members
What is one lesson you’ve learned from your time in PR? 

Doing a SWOT analysis, a quick one or a deep one, will help you better understand a situation and will help you determine the best course of action. You can’t always control a situation, but you do have agency over your response.

What is your favorite way to spend a day off?

Going on a morning hike and then coming home to knit and watch the Great British Baking Show.

What song would you sing during karaoke? 

I think singing any ABBA song would guarantee a good time.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given? 

Don’t overthink it. I’m the type of person who is all about the details, and I like to think through my next steps always, but sometimes it’s necessary to zoom out and go with my instincts.

If you had a superpower, what would it be and why? 

I would want to be able to speak any language. I’d love to be able to go anywhere in the world and be able to converse with people. Language also encodes a lot about culture, and many barriers would vanish if we took the time to understand where another person is coming from. 

Connect with Rachael on LinkedIn or [email protected].

Media Maven: Mackenzie Nintzel of 10 to 1 PR

Media Maven: Mackenzie Nintzel of 10 to 1 PR

In this series, we flip the script and put 10 to 1 PR team members in the interview seat. Get to know Mackenzie Nintzel, PR Coordinator at 10 to 1 PR:

Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi there, my name is Mackenzie and as of August of 2021, I have been a PR Coordinator at 10 to 1 Public Relations. I became interested in public relations due to my love for hearing about others’ passions and using my writing abilities to be able to translate them into words through press releases and articles. I graduated summa cum laude from NAU with a degree in Strategic Communications with an emphasis in public relations as well as a minor in Cinema Studies. I have a big love for all media including movies, music, and video games and have always thrown myself neck deep into every interest I’ve ever had which now extends to my career in PR at 10 to 1!

What is your favorite thing about your career in PR?

I love working collaboratively with a team and getting to learn from others every day. The whole team at 10 to 1 has different backgrounds and experiences that I love being able to hear about and learn from as I find my place in the PR industry.

What is your favorite way to spend a day off?

I love to draw and wish I had more time to do it. So, when I do have a day off, I let all the inspiration I have bubbling up inside me from the week manifest by drawing. There is something really special about having a hobby that has such visible results to make my day feel productive.

What is your favorite movie?

My favorite movie is Ex Machina! I love stories that keep me guessing and have a lot of mystery surrounding them and this movie does that type of suspense perfectly.

Who inspires you?

Both of my parents inspire me daily. My dad has worked in the public relations field for my entire life and has been extremely helpful through my journey in college while my mom helps me learn life lessons by sharing her own experiences for me to grow from. They both show me what real kindness and love look like every day and I am forever grateful to them for all that they have done for me as I’ve grown into a young adult.

If you had a superpower, what would it be and why?

Teleportation. I would love to travel more than I’ve gotten the chance to, and I would love to make it even easier by being able to be anywhere I wanted instantaneously.

Connect with Mackenzie on LinkedIn or [email protected].

Pilates & Publicity: Joanne Sgro-Killworth of 10 to 1 PR

Pilates & Publicity: Joanne Sgro-Killworth of 10 to 1 PR

In this series, we flip the script and put 10 to 1 PR team members in the interview seat. Get to know Joanne Sgro-Killworth, Sr. PR Executive at 10 to 1 PR:

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am Joanne and my passions are Pilates and publicity. I have an amazing family. We are blessed with kids who are great at sports and the arts. I have 20+ fitness certifications and love to sing. I also have a secret love of 80’s hairband rock.

Joanne with her Emmy
What is your most memorable PR experience?

Having a client live on CNBC from the NYSE.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Winning an Emmy and being on the cover of Women’s World Magazine.

What is something on your bucket list?

To sing with my daughter on stage.

What song would you sing during karaoke?

Dancing Queen

What is your favorite movie?


What is your favorite book?

How to Clean and Care for Practically Anything

What is one way to instantly make your day?

Getting Starbucks

Describe yourself in 5 words.

Dynamic, social, inclusive, diplomatic, understanding

If you had a superpower, what would it be and why?

To teleport so I can see my parents more often.

Connect with Joanne on LinkedIn or [email protected].

10 to 1 PR is Thankful For…

10 to 1 PR is Thankful For…

To celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, members of the 10 to 1 Public Relations team respond to the question, ‘What are you thankful for this year?’

I’m grateful for the personal life achievements and collective health of my family, as well as my work family! Even with all the challenges related to the pandemic, we continue to thrive and support each other in our efforts! Oh, and I’m also thankful for coffee.

Josh Weiss, President

I am thankful for my family who have supported me through this past year as I finished up my bachelor’s degree and started my career with 10to1!

Mackenzie Nintzel, PR Coordinator
Mayra, Mackenzie, and Rachael at the 10 to 1 PR office

I am thankful for all the individuals on our wonderful team at 10 to 1 PR who bring positive and creative ideas every day to help one another so we can be our very best for all our clients.

Laura Slawny, PR Director

This year I’m thankful for my good health, joining an amazing PR team, and being able to see my loved ones in person for Thanksgiving.

Michelle Bolden, PR Coordinator

I’m thankful for my family’s/my sister Aimee’s dog named Marla. She keeps me company on my work from home days and she gives me an excuse to go on a walk.

Rachael Clifford, PR Executive
Marla the Dog

I am so thankful for the incredible year I’ve had. I got to travel to new places, landed my dream job, and made special memories with my family and friends.

Mayra Vasquez-Chavez, PR Coordinator

I am thankful for my children and husband, who put a smile on my face everyday. I am also thankful that I was finally able to visit my parents and siblings this year.

Joanne Sgro-Killworth, SR. PR Executive

I moved to Arizona this year and I am very thankful to everyone who supported me and made me feel welcome. I am grateful for a healthy work environment, great team, wonderful clients, and the super nice journalists who make me want to do better professionally, every day. From the best bunch of PR nerds – Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Smriti Shakargaye, PR Executive

I am thankful for my health, the health of my family and friends, and for my sister’s Thanksgiving mashed potatoes.

Erica Fetherston, PR & Ops Manager