About Ambulnz.

Ambulnz (pronounced like Ambulance but with a Z sound at the end) is a leading provider of mobile medical services and medical transportation in the U.S. and United Kingdom. Ambulnz uses disruptive, AI-powered technology to dispatch and manage their fleet, and is the only medical transportation company that offers ambulance, ambulette, and medical sedan options to accommodate every type of patient need. Ambulnz’s TeleHealth+ services provide non-critical medical assistance to patients in their homes, delivering on the full promise and potential of telemedicine. Ambulnz is filling the gap between a visit to the doctor’s office and a traditional telemedicine call. Their Rapid Reliable Testing division has tested hundreds of thousands of  individuals for COVID-19, as well as administering vaccines, and helping manage the spread of the pandemic by assisting government agencies, healthcare organizations, private businesses, movie and production studios, cruise lines, and major sporting events.

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Our Goals.

  • Grow brand awareness among national, industry, and local market media.
  • Introduce Rapid Reliable Testing and TeleHealth+ services as new product offerings.
  • Manage all media inquiries.
  • Manage potential crisis communications issues.

What We Did.

10 to 1 Public Relations coached individual company spokespeople prior to talking with reporters and participating in interviews to ensure key positive messages were delivered and potential difficult questions had appropriate answers.

10 to 1 PR coordinated hundreds of news stories for Ambulnz, Rapid Reliable Testing, and TeleHealth+ which appeared in local market, industry, and national publications.

Generated media attention to new service launches by focusing on individual contracts (i.e. government agencies, healthcare organizations, Hollywood studios, major sports franchises, cruise lines, airports, etc.).

Managed media inquiries from reporters with tough questions to minimize their negative impact.

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