About SAMI-Aid.

SAMI-Aid is an online healthcare concierge platform that features a searchable medical procedure pricing database, a dedicated call center for patient support, and 24/7 access to telemedicine doctors and nurses. Its platform is secure, HIPAA-compliant, user and mobile-friendly, offering members access to doctors and nurses, and exclusive medical pricing information which helps them save money on care. Based in San Jose, California, SAMI-Aid serves the entire US. The acronym SAMI stands for Smart Affordable Medical Information.

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Our Goals.

  • Generate awareness among consumers for SAMI-Aid’s telehealth services.
  • Build recognition for the company among business and healthcare audiences for potential business partnerships.

What We Did.

In less than a year, 10 to 1 Public Relations generated more than a hundred media features and mentions for SAMI-Aid in consumer, business, and healthcare industry outlets. 10 to 1 PR helped SAMI-Aid launch new platform features and upgrades and offered guidance to company spokespeople when interviews were generated. 

10 to 1 PR identified opportunities to appeal to consumer and business audiences alike. 10 to 1 PR targeted family and parenting outlets as part of the strategy to reach an audience who would most benefit from SAMI-Aid’s services. 10 to 1 PR also generated multiple interviews with business and health care-focused outlets to grow the company’s brand recognition with those audiences. 

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