Runbeck Election Services

Runbeck Election Services.

About Runbeck Election Services.

Since 1972, Runbeck Election Services has preserved the integrity of the American democratic process by partnering with cities, counties, and states to provide a trusted election experience. They develop cutting-edge equipment, software, and print and mail solutions that are accurate, efficient, and secure. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Runbeck Election Services leverages their five decades of experience to successfully innovate the election process for partners in over 22 states and almost 70% of voters nationwide. As America’s Election Partner®, Runbeck Election Services is dedicated to Defending Democracy® through innovation, integrity, teamwork, and excellence.

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Our Goals.

  • Develop and execute a media relations plan for the 2020 election cycle and post-election.
  • Prepare a crisis communications plan and response bank, and assist the company with any crisis communications needs.
  • Aggressively counter the misinformation and false news about vote-by-mail ballots and systems.
  • Sustain and build upon Runbeck’s prominent reputation within the printing and elections industry.

What We Did.

10 to 1 Public Relations’ aggressive media strategy helped produce more than 1,400 media features and mentions for Runbeck Election Services during the 2020 election cycle. These stories focused on educating the public about the vote-by-mail process to give voters confidence about the system and to counter misinformation designed to disenfranchise voters. To demonstrate voters’ confidence in the system as vote-by-mail was introduced to many new jurisdictions in 2020, the country saw record voter turnout for the general election.

10 to 1 PR also designed a crisis communication plan for a variety of potential scenarios and false accusations that could put long-term trust in the company at risk. 10 to 1 PR was able to quickly and effectively refer to this plan as any issues arose.

Moving on from the 2020 election cycle, 10 to 1 PR is continuing to work with Runbeck Election Services to maintain the company’s reputation within the printing and elections industries through creative media relations and strategic award submissions. 

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