About Inspected

Inspected is a remote video inspections mobile application that allows city building departments, permit offices, and private companies to perform remote inspections right from their office or home, saving travel time, increasing efficiency, and ultimately saving money. The Inspected app enables geo-locating of homes to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the inspection.

Our Goals.

  • Initial launch of the service
  • Introduce the technology as a solution to workforce shortages and social distance guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic
  • Explain to inspectors, city professionals and construction staff that Inspected provides a remote platform which uses a simple user interface to help safety professionals schedule, inspect, and clear permits securely without risking their health

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What We Did.

As a result of 10 to 1 Public Relations’ efforts, builders, insurance companies, contractors, and government agencies across the United States have adopted Inspected as a new tool to speed the permitting process while protecting the health and safety of municipal code officials, contractors, and property owners during the pandemic. Our PR efforts helped Inspected increase customers in the short-term, and to increase investors as the technology becomes a long-term permitting and verification solution.  

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