About YellowBird.

YellowBird is an online two-sided marketplace that quickly and easily connects Environmental, Health, and Safety Professionals with businesses on-demand. By providing a fast and efficient method for business leaders and skilled professionals willing to consult, YellowBird facilitates the right people, in the right location, with the right experience for the job. Safety has never been so simple! 

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Our Goals.

  • Grow within their market by signing and announcing large brands to use their application.
  • Industry visibility via media coverage, speaking engagements and awards.

What We Did.

Through layers of announcements and outreach efforts, 10 to 1 PR successfully secured features for YellowBird in national business media, industry-specific media, and local media. 10 to 1 PR coordinated dozens of news stories about YellowBird, its services, and founders within the first few months of the engagement, and continue to build upon those numbers monthly. By generating media attention to YellowBird’s disruption in the EHS hiring space, increased awareness of the founders as successful business leaders, 10 to 1 Public relations has helped grow the company and position it as a industry platform solution.

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