Envoy America

Envoy America.

About Envoy America.

Envoy America was founded in 2015 to help seniors, the infirm and disabled stay independent, healthy and socially active – all without getting behind the wheel of a car. Envoy America offers door-to-door service where the Driver Companions not only drive, but also provide assistance and companionship services at all points along the journey, from pushing a grocery cart, to running errands, to escorting clients to and from medical appointments and more. Envoy America is preferred by senior clients for its safe and friendly experience and its commitment to affecting positive change for the future of seniors. Envoy America is currently operating in more than 200 cities across the country.

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Our Goals.

  • Build brand awareness in the Phoenix area where the company is headquartered.
  • Grow the company’s reputation in new markets across the country, particularly among older adults.
  • Generate media attention for business and partnership opportunities.

What We Did.

10 to 1 Public Relations helped launch the Envoy America brand in Scottsdale, Arizona, generating numerous local news stories that contributed to increased demand leading it to expand across the Phoenix Metro area and then into Tucson within the first year. The volume and variety of stories found in online searches of keywords led out-of-state healthcare providers to reach out to Envoy America requesting they expand into new states, leading to major new national and regional contracts.  

10 to 1 PR also provided media training to assigned spokespeople in different media markets to maximize exposure and brand awareness during and after services were launched in new cities and media markets. 

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