Clinica Sierra Vista

Clinica Sierra Vista.

About Clinica Sierra Vista.

Clinica Sierra Vista is a comprehensive healthcare organization, serving the primary medical, dental, and behavioral health needs of about 200,000 people in the Kern and Fresno counties of California. With the continued support of federal, state, and local governments, Clinica Sierra Vista has helped thousands of patients over a vast geographical region in the heartland of California. Clinica Sierra Vista prides itself on having a deep understanding of rural healthcare delivery, community relationships, and an intimate, personal understanding of patient needs. 

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Our Goals.

  • Build positive brand recognition.
  • Generate awareness for community events and initiatives.
  • Prepare for potential crisis scenarios.

What We Did.

During an 8-month public relations campaign, 10 to 1 Public Relations generated nearly 100 features in the Bakersfield and Fresno media markets in California, Clinica Sierra Vista’s target media markets. This contributed to building a positive brand association with CSV.

10 to 1 Public Relations also generated great publicity for the many community events that CSV hosted, including free HIV testing, back to school health fair, homeless health day, and others. These events were all well attended.

10 to 1 PR also assisted CSV in being ready to address a variety of potential crisis scenarios. This included drafting template language based on these scenarios and coaching spokespeople on the appropriate way to address these scenarios.

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