Risas Dental and Braces

Risas Dental and Braces

About Risas Dental and Braces.

Risas Dental and Braces is one of the nation’s fastest-growing dental practices with 27 offices in five cities. The company’s mission is to make care accessible for all patients, regardless of financial status. Since its inception, Risas has provided over $10M in free dental care.

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Our Goals.

  • Grow market segment in five regions
  • Amplify support for low-income families
  • Reduce risk to the brand and its employees

What We Did.

10 to 1 PR was hired in the Fall of 2021 to build a proactive, year-round media strategy to generate positive attention for the company in each of the states the company operates. In addition to strong media relations outreach, we also crafted award-winning nominations and secured thought leadership articles and interviews for dentists and company executives. 10 to 1 PR also developed a customized crisis PR plan where we interviewed key stakeholders, developed strategic internal and external messaging, and prepared leaders for worst-case scenarios.

Within the first two weeks of being hired, Risas was holding its signature yearly free community event that it calls “Labor of Love” where each Risas office provides free dental services on Labor Day to those that line up. Despite the short notice, our team’s efforts resulted in nearly 30 story features for Risas’ event, highlighting their good work that provided over $500k of free dental work to 1,205 patients. After the event concluded, we nominated and won Risas a prestigious award for corporate philanthropy. In the second year, we nearly tripled the number of media stories for the Labor of Love event and in the third year media coverage grew even larger.

Our efforts to grow and protect Risas’ brand awareness and reputation in the communities it serves have helped solidify the company as a trusted community partner.

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